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pet first aid means caring for your pet in an emergency

Since 1992, Show-Me Animal Products has worked with veterinarians and pet lovers to develop quality first aid and other products for dogs, cats, birds and horses, as well as free information, health care and more.

If your dog, cat, bird, ferret or horse is wounded, your mare ready to foal or your beloved pet is showing alarming symptoms, we have serious first aid kits that will help. With our kits and their comprehensive Care Card instructions, you can easily treat minor injuries immediately, or stabilize serious wounds before seeking professional help.

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The most important thing you can do for your pets may be to care for them in an emergency. Show your love by being prepared.

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Experts agree, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters can be especially hard on pets and horses. Are you prepared?

You might wonder why first aid for pets is important. Answer these questions then decide for yourself.

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Our First Aid Q&A explains why pet first aid is important and how you can be prepared to care for your pet in an emergency.

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