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Disasters Often Bring Need for Pet First Aid

We always recommend seeking professional help for an injured or ill pet, but sometimes you can't reach one quickly or at all!
Recent snow storms, flooding and other natural disasters are an unfortunate reminder of the fragility of life. We usually think of human life first, but pet owners can be forgiven if they are concerned for their pets as well. Fortunately, a little advanced preparation can make an enormous difference.

First, remember that disasters like flooding, heavy snow or ice can make getting to a veterinarian difficult, even impossible. Especially in those cases when your pet’s life may depend on you, having a pet-specific first aid kit can be critical.


You won’t find arguments from the Department of Homeland Security, the ASPCA, the Humane Society, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Kennel Club. One of the first things they recommended for pet owners in an emergency is first aid for pets.

Show-Me Animal Products first aid kits were designed by veterinarians and pet lovers with these situations in mind. With water-resistant, snap-lock boxes or convenient hip belt containers, they offer self-contained first aid designed for specific pets: dogs, cats, birds and ferrets. Equine kits include the original Vet Kit as well as English and Western Trail Kits, the Foaling Kit and heavy duty Barn Kit.

Not a Toy

Each kit includes all of the items most recommended by veterinarians and pet lovers to care for pets in an emergency. They allow you to treat minor injuries at the scene and stabilize serious wounds before transport to a professional.

The list of contents includes serious first aid: from metal scissors to antibiotic ointments. Pet-specific contents range from oral feeding syringes for cats to gunshot wound ingredients for sport dogs. All have pet specific Care Cards® that offer user-friendly instructions.

Founded in 1992, Show-Me Animal Products is part of Vocational Services Inc. (VSI), a nationally accredited non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. VSI began manufacturing pet and equine products in 1992 when a trail accident revealed a serious lack of quality first aid in convenient kits. Requests from horse and pet owners led to development of the full line of first aid kits available today.

Be Prepared

The philosophy behind these kits is simple: pets and horses are almost certain to be injured at some point. If you’re also battling snow packed or flooded roads and bridges, you need to be prepared. Your pet’s healthy recovery—even their survival—is much better with quality first aid.