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Foaling is one of those extra important moments when you’d better be prepared.

Foal Kit Provides “Secret Weapon” During Foaling Season

Savvy horse owners across the country rely on a simple “trick” during foaling season. Before almost anything else, they make sure they have a Show-Me Animal Products Foal Kit™ on hand.

Since the first successful foaling assistance in 1996, this self-contained kit has been helping horse owners by offering a self-contained, weatherproof package of all of the items most recommended for foaling. But even with items like a stick-up timer and detailed instructions, the most important aspect of Foal Kit™ may be the peace of mind it provides horse men and women who know how important it is to be prepared during this often hectic time.

Foal Kit™ was created with assistance from the Center for Business and Technical Development at Central Missouri State University, followed by extensive analysis by horse owners and veterinarians.

The carefully selected Vet Kit™ contents come double-sealed so that horse owners know they have what they need when the time comes. The comprehensive but reader-friendly direction card is plastic coated so it can survive.

Show-Me Animal Products is part of Vocational Services, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation based in Liberty, Mo. Founded in 1966, VSI provides employment and other opportunities for people with disabilities. Several staff members are long-time horse lovers and they developed the original Vet Kit™ concept from their own experience. These original products provide expanded job opportunities for VSI's workers competing in an increasingly global economy.

"It's important that we constantly look for new and expanded opportunities," explained Randy Hylton, VSI executive director. "Products such as Vet Kit are an excellent way to create job opportunities and we have designed Vet Kit to be an excellent product."