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Bird Kit:

Birds Need Special Care.
Be Prepared To Take Care Of Yours

There's no doubt about it. Birds are unique creatures.
But that very special nature means you must be especially prepared in an emergency.
The VSI Bird Kit is designed to treat minor injury or
stabilize your bird before an emergency trip to the veterinarian.
Be prepared to help when minutes can count.

Have peace of mind. Know you are prepared.

Special orders for dealers, clubs and others, are available. Ask about our custom kits and private labeling.

All of the items most recommended by veterinarians and bird lovers to treat your bird for minor injuries, or stabilize serious wounds while you seek professional care.
You get all of this, including the weather-resistant Care Card instructions

Bird Kit Contents

  • 1 - Bird Kit Case
  • 1 - Bottle Stypic Powder (toenail/feather bleeding)
  • 1 - Pair Latex Gloves (personal protection)
  • 1 - Bottle Eye & Skin Wash 1 Oz. (flush eyes or wounds)
  • 1 - 1" x 6 yd. Sterile Gauze Bandage (wrap wound areas)
  • 1 - Pair Scissors (trim feather/cut bandage tape)
  • 1 - Pair 5" Locking Forceps (remove broken blood feathers)
  • 2 - PVP Iodine Antiseptic Wipes (sterilization)
  • 2 - Antiseptic Towelettes (clean wound or hands)
  • 2 - Packages 2" x 2" Gauze Pads (apply to wound area)
  • 5 - Cotton Swabs (apply ointment or creams)
  • 1 - Roll 1/2" x 2 1/2 yd. Adhesive Tape (secure bandage)
  • 1 - Hand Wipe (personal cleanup)
  • 1 - Bird Emergency Card (record info/vet phone number)
Bird Kit Hardshell VSI-1019 $24.95
6.0" x 2.90" x 5.25" 0.55 lbs.
(Due to shipping limitations, this product is available only within the United States and may not be shipped to post office boxes.)

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