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Pet First Aid: Easy to Have, Critical When You Need It

We know that many people think twice about having first aid for their pets. We won't go through all of the excuses. Just ask yourself some of these questions:

  • If your pet is hurt, can you tell whether its heart rate is normal or showing signs of serious injury?

  • What is the best way to safely control a wounded cat that is scratching anyone who attempts to help?

  • If your bird breaks a blood feather, can you stop the potentially fatal bleeding?

  • Do you have pet-specific medication to treat a wound—without hurting your pet?

  • Can you treat an injured horse or sport dog in the field or on the trail?

  • If your dog steps on glass during a walk in the park, or anywhere, can you keep that from becoming infected or a serious injury?

  • If your pet is hurt while with you on vacation, can you provide temporary help while you find a local veterinarian?

  • If your pet is hurt in a flood, tornado or other natural disaster, do you have a first aid kit that you can access until you can get help?

  • If your hunting dog is accidentally shot, are you prepared to treat him?

These Can Be Life Or Death Questions For Valuable Pets. Being Prepared.

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